Pushkar, the beautiful town is located in the heart of Rajasthan. It is located just 12 kms from The Ajmer city, which is well connected to Rajasthan & rest of India. It is a holy place, which very colorful, ethnic yet very modern.

Tourist Places in Pushkar

Brahma Temple : Pushkar is a city of temples of all sizes, though not as much old or in number as generally claimed. The most famous temple is the Brahma Temple, said to be only one temple dedicated to Brahma in India. A red spire marks the temple, and over the entrance gateway is the Hans (goose), the symbol of Brahma who is said to have personally chosen Pushkar as his place.

Another important temple is that of Savitri (wife of Lord Brahma) on a hilltop. It takes a one-hour trek to reach the temple, but it has a beautiful view of Pushkar Lake in the morning.

Other important places to visit in Pushkar are numerous ghats that run down the lake.

Fairs & Festivals in Pushkar

Pushkar Camel Fair - Pushkar is world famous for the massive camel and cattle fair held every year in the month of Kartik which is around October and November. People bathe, worship and delight in the dazzling wares of roadside stalls. Camels are bought, sold, beautified, raced and parade. Most unusual are the small groups of men and women seen busy tattooing their hands and other parts of the body. The fair is predominantly a rural gathering. Villagers come from different parts of the state and bring their cattle with them. On spectacular sanddunes camel, horse and bullock races are great crowd pullers. All roads lead to the lake, which is flooded with pilgrims. The movement of the crowd is like a tide of colour with currents of crimson, yellow and turquoise.

Evenings at the Pushkar Fair have their own charm. The silent night is pierced by calls of camels. Ballads are sung by actors in passionate tones. Folkdramas, skits and folk dance are organised for the entertainment of the tourists. The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) puts up a tourist village during the fair. The tourist village is self sufficient and specially designed to complement the natural beauty of the site. It has a Coffee Shop and Dining Hall which can cater to 1 500 guests at a time. The village is arranged in blocks of tents, each with its own identity, being named after the famous dances of Rajasthan. The village also has huts with attached western style toilets and running water.

Where to Eat in Pushkar

There are few good restaurants where you can get all type of delicious food. Don't miss the dinner at the Sunset restaurant at the Pushkar Palace Hotel. You can also try the special restaurants at the other luxury hotels.

Best Time to Visit Pushkar

Best time to travel Pushkar is during the Pushkar Fair and between October to March. The Pushkar Camel Fairs is scheduled from 8th to 15th November in 2005 & 29th October to 5th November in 2006. If you are planning to travel there in the fair then book your hotels/tents in advance before 5-6 months.

How to Reach Pushkar

By Air - Jaipur is the nearest airport i.e. just 145 kms away from Pushkar. Its an international airport and is well connected to all major cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta.

By Rail - Ajmer is the nearest and major railhead, which is connect the other major cities with a number express and regular trains.

By Road - Pushkar is well connected to rest of the state by a good road network. You can take Rajasthan State transport buses or private luxury coaches. Distance from major cities : New Delhi 392 Kms, Mumbai 1071, Jaipur 131 Kms, Udaipur 274 Kms, Jodhpur 205 Kms, Jaisalmer 490 Kms.